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Court reporting is a process of using computer shorthand as a method of writing alphabetic, phonetic-based shorthand on a steno machine. The notes that are written appear on a paper tape and are stored on a disk for translation by computer or can be instantaneously transcribed by the reporter using the latest computer technology.

Computer shorthand is used by court reporters who take notes at depositions, in colleges, Fortune 500 Companies, and many, many other areas of law, and then use CAT (Computer-Aided Transcription) equipment to prepare the transcripts. Some reporters prefer to hire scopists, whom are appointed to edit and prepare the transcripts. There are also realtime reporters who are linked directly to a computer and their notes are translated instantaneously for all viewers, as seen on television, known as Closed Captioning.

Advancements in Realtime reporting also enable the reporter to edit the text as well, the same as any word-processing operator would. This technology is being used for the hearing impaired and to provide jobs for reporters in the colleges and fields of medical, legal and general business.

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